UltraSlide Premium Slide Transfer Board

    • NEW STYLE SMOOTH PLASTIC SURFACE: Next generation transfer board eliminates the issues commonly found in old style wooden transfer boards like splintering, catching on clothing, rough and difficult sliding and uncomfortable/dangerous contact with the skin. The UltraSlide will never splinter and allows users to safely, smoothly and easily slide across the surface. Transfers become simple and almost effortless.
    • NON-SLIP PADS: Exclusive, non-slip pads are located under the UltraSlide at both ends. The pads act as anchors to prevent the board from dangerous moving, slipping or falling out of place during a transfer that could lead to a fall. Easier to use than old-style notched boards since there is no need to line anything up, simply set the UltraSlide in place and it’s ready to use.
    • ERGONOMIC CURVED DESIGN WITH CENTERED HAND HOLD: Studies show that a curved transfer board allows for easier transfer than a straight board since it allows for more positioning options and therefor better and safer contact at both ends. The center hand-hold is properly located to assist with transfers, after all, what good is a hand hold located at the far end of a transfer board that users can’t even reach.
    • FULL PERIMETER TAPERED EDGES: The UltraSlide features an industry exclusive full perimeter tapered edge design. This makes the UltraSlide the most comfortable slide board available since regardless of placement, transitioning to and from the board is safe and smooth. There are no square edges commonly found on all other slide boards that make transitions uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to skin integrity. Its no wonder that the UltraSlide is consistently VOTED #1 BEST TRANSFER BOARD.
    • EASY TO CLEAN AND DISINFECT: The ultra smooth surface of the UltraSlide is easy to clean and disinfect thanks to its non-porous design. Old-style wooden boards are porous and deteriorate over time making them difficult to clean since the surface can easily harbor dangerous bacterial and viral pathogens.
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