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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Are your products available in retail stores?

A-Platinum Health Products are only available online.  By bypassing the retail middleman we are able to offer exceptionally high-quality, feature packed products at a reasonable price.

Q-How are your products shipped?

A-Refer to Shipping Info

Q-Where do your products ship from?

A-We have different warehouse locations across the U.S. Your purchase will be shipped from one of these locations.

Q-Do you ship internationally?

A-Product availability to international countries varies by product and by country.  Please call us at1-888-550-2410 for up to date information on export sales.

Note: All orders are shipped from our US based warehouse locations.  For orders shipping to final destinations outside of the USA, Platinum Health LLC is not responsible for any customs, duties or taxes that may be levied on the incoming product. By placing an order on this site buyers outside of the USA agree to act as the importer of record and as such agree to bare the costs, if any, of all applicable customs, duties and/or taxes.

Q-Will Medicaid, Medicare or my insurance company fund the purchase of the product?

A-Platinum Health has no relationship with Medicaid, Medicare or 3rd party insurance companies.  We will, however, provide an official, formal receipt for any item and many buyers have had success obtaining a reimbursement from their insurance company.

Q-If the product does not work out for me can it be returned?

A-Please see our return policy statement for full details.