Air-Logic Premium Seat Cushion



    • ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL! -Why are mattresses and pillows available in so many different firmness levels? Because everybody is different! Different body types/pain points/comfort preferences can’t be addressed by a “one density fits all” cushion. Air-Logic Seat Cushion-THE WORLDS FIRST AND ONLY SMART CUSHION- now, INSTANTLY DIAL IN THE PERFECT LEVEL OF FIRMNESS. For PROLONGED sitting, the ability to VARY THE FIRMNESS on the fly reduces numbness, increases circulation and INCREASES COMFORT.
    • NEVER BOTTOMS OUT- Regardless of density, old-style all-foam cushions begin to degrade from DAY 1 until they eventually provide no cushioning effect. Air-Logic Cushions solve this problem by incorporating an adjustable cushion of AIR ALONG WITH FOAM-every day is like sitting on a brand new cushion. Air-Logic cushions NEVER BOTTOM OUT. Why keep throwing away worn out all-foam cushions when you can invest in ONE Air-Logic.
    • COCCYX COMFORT CUT-OUT-Designed specifically by HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS to take the pressure off your lower spine. Regardless of your weight, sit in comfort for hours as your coccyx floats just above the U-shaped cut-out at the rear of the cushion. The cut-out ensures that your tailbone never touches the sitting surface and prevents soreness and discomfort from prolonged sitting.
    • SELF-INFLATING TECHNOLOGY-Industry exclusive RapidFill Technology means the world’s best seat cushion fully inflates in less than 3 seconds. No tools, pumps or batteries required. Includes zippered removable COOL MESH COVER that is MACHINE WASHABLE for easy cleaning and provides SUPERIOR AIR CIRCULATION AND BREATH-ABILITY to KEEP YOU COOL while you sit.
    • NON-SLIP BASE AND FREE CARRY BAG- Easily rolls up into a matching compact bag for easy travel. Ideal for: office chair, computer desk, kitchen, dining room, living room, patio, couch, recliner and wheelchairs. Take it with you to sporting and other events to use on benches, bleachers and stadium seats. Great for car, truck, train/airplane travel and classrooms. Place it on the floor for yoga, meditation or as a kneeling pad cushion for various tasks.
    Air-Logic Premium Smart Cushion


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