EuroLux Premium Bidet Toilet Seat, Electronic (No Outlet Required)

  • DUAL RETRACTING NOZZLES WITH AUTO UV CLEAN- Bidets with only one nozzle can often be unsanitary and ineffective for females. The EuroLux features separate rear wash and feminine wash retracting nozzles for MAXIMUM SAFETY and OPTIMAL HYGIENE. The nozzles are manufactured with proprietary polycarbonate material to maintain cleanliness while a built-in, PATENTED, ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT system ensures 100% cleaning every time.

  • SIMPLE 1-TOUCH OPERATION- Why reach around backwards and fiddle with dials and multiple buttons on old-style bidet seats when you can get a real bidet with ONE TOUCH operation. All functions are easily controlled by a PATENTED one-button control conveniently located at the front center of the seat. Choose between round and elongated models for the perfect fit.

  • ELECTRONIC OPERATION WITH NO WIRING- All the features of more expensive bidets seats without the hassle and need to have a costly electrical outlet installed. The EuroLux operates on 4 AA batteries that last up to a year. Battery replacement is quick and easy. EuroLux installation is quick and simple and the seat stays solidly in place. The entire seat can be easily removed for cleaning with the push of a button- no tools required.

  • SLEEK EURO-DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY- Bidets have been in use in Europe for decades and Europeans understand and appreciate a premium bidet; it’s no wonder the EuroLux is the preferred bidet seat in most European countries. The low-profile design and clean lines blend in seamlessly with your bathroom décor. EuroLux means Americans no longer need to compromise with bulky, unsightly, outdated designs and ordinary functionality.

  • SOFT CLOSE SEAT AND LID- EuroLux bidet seats come standard with soft close seat and soft close lid for the ultimate in quiet operation. A built-in SOFT BLUE LED NIGHTLIGHT provides for additional safety and luxury.

  • Europeans know a thing or two about bidets, after all, they have been enjoying them for decades. EuroLuxbidet toilet seats are consistently the most acclaimed seats in Europe thanks to their sleek design, simple operation and their safe and effective cleaning capabilities for both males and females. EuroLuxbidet seats offer the best features of much more expensive seats without the need to wire in a dedicated electrical outlet. The patented, one-touch operation makes the EuroLuxthe easiest bidet seat to use- no need to reach around behind you to access complicated controls and buttons. All EuroLuxfunctions are controlled by a single button located front and center on the seat. Numerous safety features like retracting, dual, auto-clean nozzles with UV light and soft close seat and lid combine to make the EuroLuxthe best choice in bidet toilet seats today. Now that you know what Europe has known for years, invest in the EuroLuxbidet toilet seat and start enjoying a safe, superior cleaning experience every day.
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