Kalongen Supplements

Kalongen produces some of the highest-quality supplements available and we are extremely excited to offer them to you.

About Kalongen -

At Kalongen we are committed to bringing our customers products that combine the best ingredients with the best manufacturing practices to help enrich and better their lives. We offer a wide-range of products to suit every health need from cardiac health to weight loss management that we personally use and believe in.
Our proprietary products are physician created, tested, and approved by Dr.Roy Bruce Kalongen’s owner and practicing physician for over 35 years.

We make every effort to offer nutritional supplements that are:

  • Free of dyes or fillers
  • Natural ingredients
  • Made from natural sources which provide a higher-grade product than those purchased at a retail store
  • Manufactured in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards – which are closely regulated guidelines that certain companies CHOOSE to adhere to in order to create quality products.


  • Our Medical Providers and Staff use most of these supplements on a daily basis. We find the quality and results superior to many other brands available.
  • We carry what we believe as a medical practice, those products that are best for our patients and clients.
  • We provide a quality control for our inventory using regulated temperature and humidity control which is ideal for the storage of supplements.
  • Most of our supplements are marked with one or more of the following; manufacture lot numbers, bar codes, manufacture date and/or expiration dates.

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