Envyy Sleep to Stand Adjustable Bed


    Available in Twin and Twin XL Sizes with two different models.

    END THE WORRY of slipping or falling when getting in and out of bed.

    ENJOY better quality sleep. Fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, wake feeling more refreshed.

    IMAGINE THE JOY of pain-free, push-button bed entry and exit. The Envyy bed does all the work for you.

    REGAIN YOUR DIGNITY. The Envyy can help eliminate the need for embarrassing caregiver assisted bed entry and exit.

    STAY SAFE AT HOME LONGER. The Envyy helps users reduce or eliminate the need to move into senior care facilities.

    GREAT INVESTMENT. The Envyy is a fraction of the cost of just a one months stay in a senior care facility.

    Note - If you are under 5'10" we recommend the Twin version of the Envyy Bed - either Hi Lo or Fixed Height. If you are above 5'10" we recommend the Twin XL version - Fixed Height or Hi Lo


    Your bed and lift chair, all in one package.


    Imagine if getting in and out of bed was EASIER than getting in and out of your favorite chair? The Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed makes it possible. Go from a standing position to a perfectly flat lying position and back again with VIRTUALLY ZERO EFFORT!



    Please note: Model shown in video is Twin XL - Hi Lo Version.

    Age in place with dignity


    Slips, trips and falls is the leading cause of accidental death in people over 65. Bed access issues often require embarrassing family member assistance or expensive caregiver help and can even force people out of their own home and into assisted living or nursing facilities. Eliminate all these problems and get your freedom back today.

    - What are the bed dimensions?

    Hi Lo Version TXL

    The bed is a Twin XL. 80"x38"


    Floor to top of mattress: 25"

    Mattress Requirements: 80" x 39" x 6"

    Distance from end of bed to mattress foot: 20"

    Distance from head of mattress waist when fully upright: 32"

    Floor to top of armrest (optional): 31"

    The Envyy Sleep to Stand Bed in the Fixed Height Version comes in two sizes

    Twin and Twin XL

    We recommend the Twin Size for people under 5'10" and the Twin XL for 5'11" or above.

    Twin Size

    74"x38"x7.5" - Mattress Size

    Bed Deck Height when Flat from Floor....20.5"

    Arm Height.....35"

    Leg Length.....11.5"

    Bed Clearance from Floor....12"

    Bed Height with Mattress.....27.5"

    Head in up position with mattress...............54.5"

    Head overhang...........10"

    Foot overhang..........14"

    Outside Arm to outside arm............Approx. 45" since adjustable

    Twin XL Size

    80" x 38"x6.5" - Mattress Size

    Bed Deck Height when Flat from floor........20.5"

    Arm Height............35"

    Leg Length.........11.5"

    Bed Clearance from Floor..........12"

    Bed Height with Mattress...........27.5"

    Head in up position with mattress...............54.5"

    Head overhang...........10"

    Foot overhang..........14"

    Outside Arm to outside arm............Approx. 45" since adjustable

    Note Fixed Height Version does not offer the "Feet Up" Option. If needed, we recommend our Hi Lo or ELEVATE models.


    - What mattress can I use?

    A Twin XL or Twin Mattress. The mattress must be foam and cannot have springs. The mattress cannot be thicker than 7 inches. We make a mattress that will fit the Envyy bed perfectly. Click here

    - What is the weight capacity?

    500 lbs. is the weight capacity for the Envyy Bed.

    - How is my Envyy Bed shipped?

    If you purchase the Fixed Height or Hi Lo version, you can opt for LTL delivery.

    White Glove Service is available by area. If you need this method of delivery please contact us at 888-550-2410 or for a quote.

    - What is required for installation?

    All that is required is a standard 120VAC outlet.

    - Is this safe with a pacemaker?

    Yes, this bed is safe to use with a pacemaker.

    - How heavy is this bed?

    The Fixed Height models are 150lbs while the Hi Lo version is 230lbs.

    - What is the difference between the Fixed Height version and version with the Hi Lo motor?

    The Fixed Height version is available in Twin and Twin XL size. This model bed will allow the user to raise his or her head and bring themselves up to a standing position.

    The Hi Lo version will function the same as the Fixed Height, however it allows the user to elevate their feet and has the Hi Lo motor which works like a hospital bed, allowing the bed to be raised while in the flat position for caregivers.

    - Is there a battery backup?

    Yes there is a battery backup. We also recommend using a surge protector with the bed.

    - Can the Envyy bed be returned?

    No, this item is not returnable.

    - What happens if I refuse the item at the time of delivery?

    Orders may not be refused at the time of delivery. If you do so, Platinum Health will charge you the cost of shipping to and from as well as a 50% restocking fee. If you have any questions at the time of delivery, please call us, do not refuse the item.

    - Is there a warranty?

    Yes the standard warranty is 1 year on the motor and frame.

    - Do you offer financing?

    Not currently but if financing is something you need, please contact us at 888-550-2410 or

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