Platinum Health Launches Unique LumaRail(tm) Bed Assist Rail

July 02, 2014 1 min read

The new LumaRail(tm) Bed Assist Rail incorporates a unique LED motion sensing night light for maximum user safety and convenience. This revolutionary feature eliminates the need to enter or exit the bed in complete darkness and eliminates the need to reach and fumble for the switch of a bedside lamp. The integrated IntelliBrite LED nightlight senses body movement and automatically turns on when the user is detected and automatically turns off 20 seconds after the users last movement. Since the light's sensor faces away from the bed, any user movement while laying in the bed or sleeping will not activate the light. Seniors, the mobility challenged and the visually impaired can all benefit greatly from this new technology. The new LumaRail can be ordered directly from Platinum Health Products or through our online marketing partner,

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