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Weighted Blankets Are Growing in Popularity, and For Good Reason.

Weighted blankets are surging in popularity thanks to its ability to emulate a “deep pressure touch simulation.” Essentially, that pressure is what allows the body and mind to calm down and enter a more natural state of relaxation. Not only are there myriad amounts of positive feedback stemming from the use of a weighted blanket, but there’s plenty of studies that back up its effectiveness as a therapeutic tool.

5 things to consider before purchasing a weighted blanket

Let’s say you’re interested in integrating the overwhelmingly positive benefits of a weighted blanket into your nightly routine. The question is, what exactly should you be looking for? The blankets effectiveness is due to the fact that they are manufactured not in a “one size fits all,” manner. Rather, there are multiple features to consider when deciding which blanket to buy that contribute to the blanket’s performativity.

Size and Weight Are the Most Important Factors to Consider

Because the effectiveness of a weighted blanket relies on DTP (Deep Touch Pressure), the size and weight are the most essential factors that ensure a restful sleep. Weighted blankets often range in weight anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds. Investing in a blanket that is, for instance, too heavy may only decrease ones comfort. A general rule that has been circulating regarding the selection of weight is choosing a blanket that is 10% of your total body weight. However, with most manufacturers, weight often compromises the overall size. Thus, a lighter blanket can may turn out to be of a smaller size. Studies show that the most popular blankets are those that are 12 to 15 pounds.

5 things to consider before purchasing a weighted blanket

Weight shouldn’t mean that you should compromise on size. Along with weight, size is the next most important factor to consider. It’s important because for those who often toss and turn at night, you want to have a blanket that moves with you. A weighted blanket that may be lighter but also smaller may be too small to maintain the constant, even pressure that is the core of the weighted blanket’s effectiveness. Though there isn’t a simple rule of thumb for choosing a size, do some careful examination of a blanket’s dimensions to ensure that it will be an appropriate size. Not all blanket’s compromise size for weight, so try to keep that in mind while selecting your weighted blanket.

It’s Important to Consider Where the Weight Comes From

The majority of the weight of a weighted blanket comes from the particular material it is filled with. There are a variety of different materials that are used, the most popular materials being plastic, glass or even steel. However, some weighted blankets even consist of more unusual materials like sand or rice. When selecting a blanket, it is important to consider the exact material that makes up the filling. The filling material effects factors such as noise when moving, bulk of the blanket and comfort.

Like size, how you want your blanket to feel is mostly reliant upon preference, though some materials are often regarded as being of a higher quality. For example, micro-glass beads are some of the highest-quality materials for weighted blankets. Not only are the glass beads far smaller than, let’s say, plastic beads, but they are also quite heavy per individual bead. Thus, with micro-glass beads, you have a material that is not only smooth, but heavy. Therefore, it’s important to consider the material that is the source of the weight for maximum comfort.

A Weighted Blanket’s Outside is as Important as the Inside

5 things to consider before purchasing a weighted blanket

A nice touch to the weighted blanket is its style. Most blankets, though commonly used for therapeutic purposes, tend to be available in a variety of colors and patterns. Choosing how you want your blanket to look can be a fun and personal touch to your selection, however, one must not overlook how a blanket can feel. Unless you’re in a brick and mortar store that allows you to graze your fingertips over the various materials, often times we have only the description of the product online to rely on. It’s important not to overlook this factor, as how the blanket feels does more for its effectiveness than simply how it looks. Though this factor is slightly less important than, say, the weight materials of the blanket, it is important to choose a material that is both soft and light enough to prevent overheating.

Choosing a blanket that consists of mainly cotton has multiple benefits. It’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, and often times a very breathable material that is great for hot weather. Most of the highest quality and top-selling blankets are made with a breathable cotton fabric, but beware that some weighted blankets on the market do in fact compromise on fabric quality.

Features Based on Therapeutic Need

Because of the weighted blanket’s articulate and comfort-conscious development, it has risen in popularity as a natural remedy to those who suffer from a variety of sleep-depriving conditions. A weighted blanket is most commonly suggested for those with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. For more information, you can read our full blog post on the benefits of weighted blankets. Essentially, this blanket is perfect for anyone suffering from a loss of sleep and relaxation.

5 things to consider before purchasing a weighted blanket

There are no particular blanket features to match with a certain sleep-depriving condition. Regardless of condition, the blanket’s effectiveness relies on the individual’s personal preferences. The only conditions that need to be met are those according to you— whether that be a certain softness, heaviness, or size.

DIY vs. Store-bought Weighted Blankets

There is an assortment of different places, both in-store and online, to choose from when searching for the perfect blanket that adheres to all your individual needs. One thing to consider though is whether or not you should buy or make your own blanket.

Some online DIY websites, like this blog, offer tutorials on not only how to craft a weighted blanket, but even where to buy materials. This can be a great option for those who want to test out the effects of a weighted blanket before diving into a full investment.

However, this is also a very limiting choice as those who go down the DIY route are often restricted to lower quality materials. For example, the most available filling material for crafters are large plastic beads. These are both bulky and not as heavy as something like glass micro-beads. 

If you’re looking to test out the benefits of a weighted blanket for the purpose of easing a sleep-depriving condition, than it may be best to directly purchase a product from a professional manufacturer. These articulately designed blankets have been crafted in a fashion that ensures instant comfort and ease of any suffering.

5 things to consider before purchasing a weighted blanket

There are a multitude of factors to consider when deciding on the perfect weighted blanket for you. The best advice we can offer is to do thorough research on the different materials associated with the blanket you’re considering. By aligning these factors to your personal needs, the weighted blanket is sure to offer both your mind and body the sense of peace it desires.

If you’re interested in a high-quality beautifully designed weighted blanket, then we recommend beginning your search with the Calmforter Premium Weighted Blanket


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